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April 21, 2021 

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#CanUDIGitEARTH CHALLENGE: Begins Earth Day April 22, 2021 Through Soil Day December 5, 2021

JOIN US!  LET’S GROW the World’s Largest Edible Garden Challenge

USA CHICAGO, IL April 21, 2021


DATES: CHALLENGE #1 April 22 (Earth Day)  through World Soil Day December 5, 2021 And Beyond.

What if one by one, we could reconnect youth with nature through the simple act of planting plants, seeds or trees all around the globe?  Our CanUDIGit.Earth Challenge-Series is designed to engage everyone (led by youth!) on planet earth in challenges to drive awareness and change in regenerative soil practices and permaculture knowledge. 


GROWERS & NEWBIES UNITE! We are engaging other nonprofit, corporate & ecotourism leaders, permaculture experts, gardeners, farmers, teachers, chefs, celebrities, indigenous wisdom leaders, universities, sponsors and integral partners as EarthSTARS Lead Team Ambassadors (ESLT) on each continent.  The ESLTs invite and engage youth, individuals and communities to plant and share fun, engaging, personal planting stories. Each entrant can choose their favorite choice of media to upload their story via Photo, Video or Audio, to share with the world and VOTE on their personal favorites.


The Challenge is simple to enter, fun to create and share and will build an alliance of EarthSTARS Ambassadors and Alumni engaged in soil regeneration on a massive scale.  Participating youth will be invited to join us in our very secure PlanetPILOT Virtual World Space online, currently underway.  Here, they will meet, interact with indigenous growing wisdom leaders and collaborate on ideas to green up the world, all while earning badges, virtual space helmets and more.


Our challenges will celebrate United Nations Days throughout the campaign period. People’s Choice Voting on entries is held throughout the year, resulting in the best-of stories in each category of photo, video & audio! Top votes are celebrated in award ceremonies, EarthSTARS Alumni events, certification & key press events, timed throughout the year.


The science behind planting is to regenerate the quality of our world’s soil by adding carbon back in the ground where it belongs!  Replenishing our earth soil is our mission, while sparking interest in a wide array of environmental conditions we can have a positive impact on.  Planting has also been proven to have positive impact on mental health as well as  physical health  This impactful, fun, engaging and important challenge can help us feed the world, create interest in green jobs & inspire eco-conscious travel!



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